We light this chalice to remind ourselves

That we gather as Unitarian Universalists

With open hearts and open minds

Engaged in the work of tending and repairing



We light this chalice not because we must but because we may,

We light this chalice not because we have the truth

But because we each come bearing and seeking many truths

We light this chalice in connection across culture, distance, class, and language;

We light this chalice that our religion may be a beacon

Of light, hope and justice,

We light this chalice to light our hearts and our minds.



As we light this chalice

may the flame of peace prevail

may the song of peace prevail

may the words of peace prevail

may the actions of peace prevail

may the light of peace prevail

may peace prevail.

Chalice Extinguishing

Every tribe, every peoples has a story for each of them,

The winged ones

Make up your own

Talons, feathers, beaks, eyes, bodies, wings

who soar, who ride, who perch, who dive, who sit in stillness on tree branches

Hidden and revealed

Who take to flight with a cry or in silence,

Only the wooshing of their wings which give no warning


Oh to be blessed by the softness of feathers

Brushing against my cheek in the darkness

That I might give myself over

To the rapture

Of raptors


In the name of All that is life giving, creative energy, Good and loving,

In the name of all that breaks us open and reshapes us again and again

And in the name of the Spirit of life which attends us all the days of our lives,


Go forth now into the world to do what is right, what is just, what is good, what is compassionate, that all of creation and humanity may be restored and made whole.