Welcoming a child into this world is an ancient yearning. Welcoming a child into the community of those who love and will care for and be in the child’s life is a timeless ritual. Ceremonies of blessing and the dedication of our children is the way in which they are formally introduced into community. It is the time when all of life is lifted up and held as sacred. It is a time when the individual child is honored and the blessing of their innocence.


This child, any child is

the hoping of the universe

the embodiment of past and future.

They are, to paraphrase the poet Kahlil Gibran,

...the child of Life’s longing for itself

They are of you, come through you

They are with you

Yet they will go their own way.

Give them your love and your thoughts

That they may begin in love

And grow in their own thoughts

You provide shelter for their bodies

Nourishment for their souls.

You enfold them to you

And bless their journey.