To make a house a home

To inhabit it:

Claim it with your heart

Claim it with your hope

Claim it with you energy

Claim it with your intentions


Open its windows and doors

to let air flow from east to west

Breathe the freshness


Give thanks to those who

Called this house a home before you

Walk each room of the house

Name its purpose and function

Whose it is

Or what you envision happening there


May the entry be a place of welcome and hospitality

May the kitchen be a place of nurture and sustenance

May the living room be a place of gathering and connection

May the family/rec room be a place of play and fun

May the study be a place of work

May the room set aside be a sanctuary

May the bedrooms harbor sleep, rest

May the bathrooms be a place of refreshment

May the garage mark your goings in and goings out


Invite friends and family in

Form a circle

Hold a candle

Pass it

Let each person bless this space


May all who enter here be blessed

May all who live here be blesses

May this house be a home.