August 2010- Present: Minister Woodinville Unitarian Universalist Church

In addition to the general duties of a sole senior minister, the component of all-staff supervision has become a ministerial duty under the shift to Policy/Governance. I also work with numerous lay leaders to create and implement programming.

I divided the ministry of the church into three ministries: Transformation and Action (Religious Education, Social Justice, and Worship), Community and Engagement (Membership, Hospitality, Cares and Concerns, Lay Pastoral Associates, Marketing, Visual Arts Ministry, and programs such as AA, Buddhist 12 Step meeting, Non-Fiction Book Group, Summer Church Camp Out, Circle Suppers, Golden Girls, Kimbrough Café, Men’s Breakfast, Men’s Retreat, Navigators, Qigong, Women’s Night Out, Women’s Retreat) and Sustainability (Human Resources, Finance, Buildings and Grounds, Stewardship, Endowment, IT).

Each ministry is headed up by a Lay Ministry Lead. They and staff as well as the Vice President of the Board meet monthly to talk about programming at the church and to problem solve.

Skills Brought Forward: Administration, Policy/Governance, Creation of new ways to structure how to do the work of church, preaching and the creation of ritual and worship, staff supervision, the ability to help a church get its administrative house in order, working with small groups to provide leadership of programs at the church, clergy collegiality, a sense that after 35 years, I actually do know what I am doing!

September 2003- June 2010: Minister Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Bozeman

In partnership with the Board and Committees of the Fellowship, I am responsible for the life and ministry of the Fellowship. I meet with and provide support to committees, supervise paid staff, create Sunday services, perform special services that mark the lives of congregants and the community such as memorials and the dedication of children, do pastoral counseling, work with the interfaith association, work with community groups on social justice issues, speak in classes at the Montana State University, teach

Skills Brought Forward: administration, creation of meaningful worship, community networking, interfaith work, pastoral counseling, teaching, ability to work in effective partnership with congregational leaders, provide strong leadership, an understanding of Unitarian Universalist identity, recognition of volunteers, ability to take a congregation where it wants to go.

1991-2003 Minister to Youth and Associate Minister
First Congregational United Church of Christ, Corvallis, Oregon

Both in my position as Minister to Youth and later as the Associate Minister, I had primary responsibility for designing and implementing programming for middle and senior high youth (educational as well as recreational) and the regular duties of ministry: leadership of worship, teaching and preaching, pastoral counseling, marrying and burying members, working with the church committees

Skills Brought Forward: This position gave me my ministry because of those whom I served. Organizing national and international work/mission projects for youth, youth work, fundraising, pastoral counseling, preaching, leadership of worship, community outreach, committee work, small group ministry

August 1986-May 1987 Campus Minister Western Oregon State College
Monmouth, Oregon

- organized Friday night dinners for hearing and deaf students
- worked closely with the staff of student services
- counseled students
- helped start a Gay and Lesbian student group
- participated in Women's History Month events at the college and on a Women and Religion panel

Skills Brought Forward: awareness of issues affecting deaf students and ability to provide meaningful counseling and programming for that population on campus, networking with college staff and faculty to create meaningful programs, ability to create "something from nothing" 

September 1983- May 1990 Campus Ministry Associate 
United Campus Ministry, Westminster, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon

As an associate, my responsibilities were to design and implement peace and justice programs and activities, manage an intentional live-in student community, teach classes, and to encourage the spiritual growth and ethical sophistication of students.

Skills Brought Forward: Worship, organizing service projects, concert and event production, teaching, counseling, interfaith work, justice work, community and political organizing, networking

September 1981-June 1982 Campus Ministry
Koinonia Center, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon

As a ten-month intern for the United Campus Ministry (American Baptist, Disciples of Christ, United Church of Christ), I participated in a larger ecumenical structure to design and implement programs for University of Oregon students, the University at large, the related local parishes, and the wider Eugene community.

Skills Brought Forward: Community organizing, ecumenical work, teaching, creation and implementation of programs and events, counseling